Our Specialty

Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) focuses on the optimisation of operational mine designs and planning schedules.  Our specialty is the incorporation of site-specific geoscience data into mine design and planning processes so that production decisions are made with an understanding of how current and potential future ground conditions may impact the desired outcome.

Our aim is to give you the confidence to continually adapt your life of mine strategy to match evolving ground conditions and changing production demands.  Our work incorporates all available data, rather than creating a fixed design or schedule that is only focused on one component such as revenue without due consideration of risk.  The result is a mine design or plan that is maximised for long-term safe, responsible and economic production.

Our Approach

At GMD, our skill and expertise lie in providing mine designs and planning solutions that identify and mitigate site-specific production risks.  Typical risks may include the onset of damaging seismic activity with expensive rehab work due to an un-optimised extraction sequence, or significant ground failures with production loss due to large-scale structures.  By incorporating geoscience data into the mine design and planning processes, our approach offers significant operational benefits to our clients in terms of improved schedule reliability, increased revenue and reduced production costs. 

Our philosophy is to:

  1. utilise all available ground characterisation data to improve mining performance and drive production-based decision making
  2. communicate our interpretation of data trends in a manner that is easy to understand and adopt within the overall mine planning process

We always aim to raise our Client’s confidence in their mine plan by accounting for inherent uncertainties that may expose potential production risks.  GMD personnel all come from operational roles, having developed their skills working as site-based mine engineers and scientists in challenging ground conditions around the world.  These experiences have fundamentally influenced how GMD operates and how we combine data from different technical disciplines in our approach to mine design and planning. 

Our approach advocates the use of as much data as possible, from as many sources as possible, but we have the skills necessary to filter these many streams of data down to critical risk factors.  Good characterisation of ground conditions is essential, and the types of data that we typically use include:

  • modern survey (e.g. LiDAR and photogrammetry)
  • ground monitoring (e.g. quantitative seismology, extensometer, reference photography, etc.)
  • numerical modelling (e.g. various elastic and inelastic codes)

Our experience of managing and working within high-stress and seismic environments has led us to develop a wide-range of analytical tools to characterise dynamic site conditions.  These data allow us to understand the current ground behaviour and investigate how conditions may evolve over the current mine plan. 

Once we’ve highlighted when and where key operational challenges may occur, we devise alternative options that lower risk but maintain a production focus.  Our mine plan solutions use the industry-leading Deswik® suite of mine planning software to ensure alignment with site data formats.  Our specialists also advise and facilitate ongoing monitoring and auditing protocols to validate and support ongoing mine design and planning decisions. 

Creating a mining strategy that properly accounts for site conditions offers huge benefits to long-term mine planning and design.  Ground control matters can be forecast with increased certainty, and secondary mine areas can be prepared in advance to maintain production rates through challenging production conditions.  Our forecasting of site conditions throughout the life of mine plan results in higher production rates, which directly improves the net benefit to the site or project. 

Our History

Global Mine Design Ltd was incorporated in 2013, in London, UK.  At the foundation of the company is a passion to understand ground behaviour in engineering environments, but it is our focus on operational mine design that sets us apart.

GMD solutions rely heavily on three distinct skillsets:

  1. analysis of geological, geotechnical, and geophysical (mine-seismic) data
  2. planning of complex orebody extraction strategies
  3. communication of critical factors and potential impacts in an easy to understand manner

GMD has always been a technologically-driven company that uses, develops and promotes new technology across all of our work.  The interests of our team have led GMD to:

  • become experts at quantitative interpretation of complex data from the many different monitoring systems found in modern mines
  • pioneer integration of previously isolated datasets, such as seismic data in numerical models, in order to improve forecasting
  • become involved in industry initiatives designed to improve inter-operability and data transfer between geoscience datasets
  • develop mine planning processes that better utilise geoscience data to create realistic mine plans and improve overall mining performance
Working With You

Our goal is always to deliver safe, responsible and economic mine plans and designs.  GMD personnel originally developed their skills while working in site-based operational roles and so are intuitively able to understand challenges faced at client sites.  Our collective experiences enable us to work alongside site personnel more effectively and to transfer skills that deliver a reliable mining strategy optimised using site-specific data. 

Examples of how we regularly assist clients improve and maximise their use of data in their mine design process include:

  • ongoing support to mine technical services personnel
  • training to maximise the use of existing monitoring system data in mine design
  • expert reviews on mine designs and plans
  • creation of protocols for working in high stress/seismic conditions
  • design and cost-benefit analyses of monitoring system installation and expansions
  • quantitative interpretation of complex monitoring system data
  • design of static and dynamic ground support systems
  • creation of Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP) and Trigger Action Response Plans (TARP)
  • audits of mine designs, ongoing excavation conditions and performance, and management systems

We also support client feasibility-stage studies for new mines and expansions of existing mines.  Recent examples include:

  • geotechnical appraisals for mine expansion studies
  • economic optimisation studies exploring new orebody regions
  • design of new ore-handling infrastructure
  • creation of ore-handling management systems utilising ground monitoring data

Case studies highlighting some of our work are given in the Learning section.

Privacy and Cookies policy

Purpose of this policy

This privacy and cookies policy provides you with an explanation as to how Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) collects and uses certain information, including any personal information, that you provide to us and the ways in which you can choose to continue to share your data with us.  If you do not agree to the following policy you may cancel your use of GMD products and/or or services (subject to termination clauses relating to services, where appropriate).  You are also welcome to contact us with any questions using the contact details in the Enquiries section below.

Last updated

This policy was last updated on April 16th, 2020.  Any future changes will be posted to this page and dated accordingly.


Should you have any queries relating to this Privacy Policy, please email us directly at privacy@globalminedesign.com or contact us at the UK office and ask to speak with the Privacy Controller.

How do we process your data?

In accordance with General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we shall only use or process your data based on one of the following criteria:

  1. Consent

    You have given us clear consent that you wish us to process your data for a specific purpose, such as asking us to provide you with a quotation or replying to an enquiry that you might have sent us

  2. Contract

    You have entered a contract with us, or you have asked us to take specific steps before entering a contract. This also includes the renewal of services or changes to pricing information

  3. Legal obligation

    It is necessary to process the data to comply with the law (not including contractual obligations). This includes such events as the police asking us to provide information or to make you aware of new legal obligations that may impact your services with us

We do not sell or lease your data to any third party for the advertising or marketing purposes.  The GMD webpage does not use any targeted advertising.

Data security

Data security is extremely important to us and we have made significant investments to apply logical and reasonable administrative, physical and managerial measures to safeguard all data held by GMD, including that of our own.  Safeguards that we use include; securing our networks and systems with up-to-date security mechanisms such as firewalls, intrusion detection monitoring, encryption, use of virtual private networks, anti-virus and anti-ransomware software, and enabling automatic updates of our software and operating systems to help protect our devices from any software vulnerabilities.

Personal data breach notification

Despite our security systems, no measure can guarantee 100% security against loss, theft and unauthorized access, use and/or modification.  In the unlikely event of a data security breach, we will notify you directly and without undue delay in accordance with GDPR legislation.

Your information and rights

It is your right to be able to contact us any time, either in writing or verbally, to request the following:

  • A copy of the personal information that we currently hold about you
  • Rectify any incomplete or inaccurate information
  • Erase certain aspects of your personal information
  • Restrict processing of your personal information
  • Pass your data to another business or organisation where technically feasible to do so

Requests to delete personal information are subject to any applicable legal and ethical reporting or document obligations imposed on us. 

For full details regarding your rights with regards to the Global Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), please visit https://www.eugdpr.org/ and https://ico.org.uk/ for more information.  GMD is registered with the Information Commissioner's office, with reference number ZA487668.

Website information that we collect automatically

The GMD website only uses cookies necessary to enable the site to work.  The cookies set as default enable core functionality and may include security, network management and accessibility functions.  You may adjust the use of these cookies by changing your browser settings, however, please be aware that doing so may affect website functionality.  The list of cookies being used is provided below.

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Information that you provide us

When you contact us via our website contact form, or other means such as sending a direct email or telephone call, you have given us consent to respond for a specific purpose.  The submitted information may be used internally within GMD in connection with this purpose.  If we identify a need to pass your details on to an external party, we will not do so without first asking your permission. 

When completing website contact forms, you are asked to provide us with your name and email address.  We also provide a space for you to write a message in which you are free to add any other information you believe is appropriate to your enquiry.  By submitting that information you are consenting to GMD holding that information, in accordance with this privacy policy.

The submitted information is then emailed to us and stored on our mail server allowing us to respond to your query.  Once we have received your email, we will aim to reply to you as soon as possible in order to best deal with your enquiry.

We generally tend to keep emails we deem to be important and allow us to work efficiently to deal with any conversations between the both of us in the future. We regularly review the contents of our mailboxes to remove any emails we no longer deem to be important for the effective running of our business, however, you may request that we delete your personal information and any email correspondence between us from our servers sooner by using the contact details provided in the Enquiries section. 

Email marketing & subscription information

Under the GDPR legislation, anyone choosing to subscribe to a marketing option that we have offered has given GMD consent to contact them with marketing material that we produce.  In relation to your marketing consent, only intend to hold information relevant to the marketing purpose.  This may include name, email address, job title (if relevant), subscription time & date, unsubscribe time & date.

We may use a third-party Email Marketing Service to send marketing material.  Email marketing messages may also contain trackable contact, but only for the purpose of indicating the activity each subscriber made for that marketing campaign.  The data recorded in such marketing campaigns may include times, dates, I.P. addresses, opens, clicks, forwards, geographic and demographic data.  Any marketing messages sent will have an easily identifiable means to immediately withdraw your consent (unsubscribe) or manage your preferences and/or the information that we hold about you.  Specific details will be provided in the message.

Specific contracted services and quotation information

For us to provide you with a written quotation regarding the potential for us to enter into a specific contracted services agreement together, we will need to request the following information from you:

Your name, your professional title, company name, company address, contact details (usually telephone number and email address), and VAT number (if applicable).  Official documents may also require your signature.

This information is stored on our servers for as long as we deem necessary to be important for the effective running of our business.  As with other provided data, we regularly review the contents of our data records to remove any information relating to quotations that we no longer deem necessary to retain.  You may request that we delete your personal information sooner by using the contact details provided in the Enquiries section. 

GMD always carries out contracted work under an agreement with specified Terms & Conditions.  GMD standard Terms & Conditions are provided with our quotation and are deemed effective for the duration of the work, unless specific Terms & Conditions are mutually agreed prior to the contract being finalised.  The final contract agreement will explicitly state how data will be stored as part of the work scope.

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GMD working policy during the Covid-19 pandemic

First and foremost, everyone at GMD hopes that you and your loved ones remain safe and healthy during these unprecedented and potentially unsettling times.  Please remember to follow the official guidelines relating to your region and look after your own mental wellbeing.

GMD is headquartered in the United Kingdom, which has been in lockdown since March 2020.  This means that our main office is currently closed to all visitors.  Once travel is allowed, we will announce the re-opening of the office.

Due to the nature of our business taking us around the world, GMD has always operated a secure I.T. network with extensive remote working capacity.  Our employees are all able to work during this time and as such, GMD is operating as normal.  If you would like an update on work that GMD is conducting for you, or you would like to discuss potential new work, please contact your usual GMD representative, or use the contact us details below.

If you are experiencing technical difficulties accessing your normal data systems (such as ground movement measuring systems, seismic monitoring systems, etc.) and GMD already has secure remote access to those networks, please let us know.  We may able to obtain and/or review the data on your behalf to ensure you maintain safe operating conditions.

Best wishes,


Phil Earl

Technical Director

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