Global Mine Design Ltd (GMD) takes Life of Mine planning beyond just tonnes and grade analysis. We approach mine design and planning by integrating geomechanical principles into the planning process.  Focussing on the long-term rockmass response to mining, we provide technical understanding of orebodies that is vital for safe, productive, and economic mine designs.

Investors require increasingly complex financial sensitivity analyses to be undertaken before approving new mine design plans.  However, if an orebody evaluation is underweight on the technical understanding of orebody geomechanics, the mining plan will suffer at the expense of both time and cost.  
Potential issues range from overestimated recovery percentage causing write-down of expected income, to a complete loss of revenue in one or more mining blocks.
GMD is unique in focusing on ground material and behaviour when selecting successful mining methods.  Our philosophy places this information back into the mine plan to drive future decisions throughout the mining of whole extraction zones.  Our goal is to produce optimised designs that maximise production efficiency by saving cost and time.  
Good engineering sense is about building up options ahead of time.  Working with your financial modellers and planning engineers, GMD can add valuable insight into key stages of budget and Life of Mine plans to improve risk mitigation strategies.
At the mine sequencing stages, our in-house Design Optimised Flowcharts™ map out the proposed extraction sequence options with risks clearly defined and back-up options provided in a concise manner for both planners and operations supervisors to use.
Whatever stage your venture is in, from concepts to fully established assets, GMD provides a complete range of mine engineering, blasting, and geomechanical services.

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