Optimized Mine Design
Studies and projects

From concept through feasibility stages, including detailed design, GMD provides a complete range of mine engineering, blasting, and geotechnical services for mining and large civil engineering projects.

Mining method selection

Mining method selection is critical to the success of your project. GMD is unique in focusing on ground material and behaviour when selecting successful mining methods. Our experience in determining rockmass response to the chosen mining method results in more profitable mine design solutions.

Detailed orebody extraction options

GMD has proven experience managing and operating in difficult ground conditions. We use this experience to provide specific orebody extraction options, ensuring safe, productive and economic working environments.

Life of Mine planning

GMD takes Life of Mine (LOM) planning beyond just tonnes and grade analysis. We specialise in integrating geomechanical principles into the planning process, and in parallel, devise strategic ground monitoring programs to provide supporting data for ongoing planning decisions.

Optimisation of mine layouts

GMD specialises in identifying and understanding ground properties that directly influence key design criteria. Our philosophy places this information back into the mine plan to yield optimised designs that save cost and time.

Design of ore handling infrastructure

Orepasses, crusher chambers and conveyor tunnels are critical to the success and longevity of a mine. GMD is unique in utilising seismic monitoring data to ensure that your critical infrastructure remains serviceable over its expected life.

Drill & Blast design and operational management

Successful drill & blast performance is synonymous with best practice ground engineering. GMD uses innovative tools and strategies to measure and optimise blast product choice, blast design, and blast performance.

Data Collection, Analysis, and Presentation
Design of site investigation programs for studies and projects

Every site investigation program yields valuable ground characterisation information. From feasibility through to expansion projects, GMD designs comprehensive investigation programs to provide valuable insight into ground conditions and maximise the return on investment.

Collection of as-built survey data using photogrammetry and laser scanners

GMD is a pioneer in the use of photogrammetry and laser scanning technology for underground and surface projects. Our techniques compliment traditional data collection programs, increasing the amount of data collected and providing enhanced information for leading design decisions.

Design and build of fully integrated ground monitoring network arrays

A successful ground-monitoring network thrives on as-built data. Honed from years of data interpretation experience, GMD designs integrated monitoring networks that reinforce safe working conditions and provide data for the mine design process.

Applied evaluation of seismic monitoring system data

A seismic monitoring system is critical to understanding the orebody state at any given point in production. GMD has significant experience in applying quantitative seismology principles to mine design and planning, as well as designing and installing seismic systems from the principal manufacturers of mining seismic monitoring systems. Our systems are always designed to compliment long-term monitoring strategies.

Modelling and evaluation of underground stress conditions

Good mine planning is about having options. GMD combines sophisticated modelling and monitoring techniques to evaluate choices and progress the mine plan forward. Our results are provided in fully interactive 3D reports and presentations.

Open pit mine stability analysis

Slope stability is a function of the geotechnical rockmass properties and blast performance. GMD identifies these variables as influencing factors to derive economical, stable open pit mine designs at any project stage.

Interaction between open pit and underground operations

Interaction between underground and surface operations introduces additional complexities to the mine plan. GMD experience ranges from the mining of open pits through historic underground workings, to extracting high stress crown pillars. Our understanding of rockmass response enables precise sequencing to minimise risk and maximise operational success.

Data presentation - visualisation of solutions

GMD specialises in using the latest technology to analyse and display our results. All study results are presented in fully interactive 3D reports and presentations.

Ground Control Management
Immediate response to ground falls

GMD provides immediate assistance in the event of a groundfall and will establish re-entry protocols that minimise risk to responders and workers.

Ground failure reporting and assessment

Following a groundfall it is important that data are collected and used to avoid similar future occurrences. GMD has developed investigation documentation that ensures the collation of pertinent data to support root cause analysis and summarise follow up action items.

Characterisation of influential ground properties

Accurately characterising influential ground properties defines the basis of a ground control management system. GMD identifies features that are critical to project success and targets these in our engineering designs.

Design of ground support systems for static and dynamic conditions

Determining the appropriate ground support system is essential in ensuring safety of personnel and preventing disruption of work. GMD has extensive experience designing both static and dynamic ground support systems, with particular emphasis on designs in challenging ground conditions that require specialist ground support products.

Backfill selection and application

GMD has operational experience in the design, placement and QAQC testing of backfill materials, including dry rockfill, cement rockfill, hydraulic fill and pastefill for mining operations. In addition, GMD has designed foamed concrete and other structural backfill material in large-scale engineering projects.

Review of ground control quality control practices

GMD provides tailored ground control QAQC documentation that audits the entire ground support cycle from procurement through to post-installation condition. GMD assists mine sites improve their ground control practices as part of internal management system compliance.

Contract Services
Provision of defined-term contract engineers to cover personnel shortages

GMD regularly provides mining and geotechnical engineers to sites, either to fill a position during leave periods, or for defined-term contracts and specific workloads.

Site supervision during engineering works

All GMD engineers have extensive operational experience in the supervision of mining and civil engineering works.

Internal management system compliance

Corporate Social Responsibility requires mine sites to maintain internal ground control management systems. GMD has years of auditing experience and can assist either with the creation of a corporate audit program, or by undertaking third-party audits and reviews of existing documentation.

Preparation and audit of Ground Control Management Plans

Ground Control Management Plans (GCMP) contains all pertinent mining information to the site. Our goal is to produce a document that accurately describes the operation and provides the necessary background information to comply with all regulatory requirements in the extraction of minerals in a safe and responsible manner.

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